Detect and Contain Data Breaches

Warden significantly reduces the cost and time it takes to identify a Data Breach and ensures GDPR compliance


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Pass before the average company detects a data breach

Breaches Take Too Long To Identify

  • The average data breach costs businesses around £2.7m GBP
  • Over 70% of businesses learn they've been breached through third parties
  • Half of breaches caused by malicious third parties - the most difficult to detect
  • GDPR requires businesses to 'have the right procedures in place to detect, report and investigate a personal data breach'

Reliable, Simple, Scalable

Get Timely Precise Alerts

We monitor the clear & dark web for you, alerting you if your data shows up there or if your TABS Identities are directly contacted with close to 0% false positives.

Get Reliable Deployments

Our use of Blockchain notarisation technology means you get an irrefutable record of your TABS Identities deployments, helping to increase the speed and lower the cost of your forensics processes.

Go Unnoticed by Hackers

You’ll have TABS Identities working for you. This means the planted data is difficult for hackers to distinguish them from authentic data.


  • CEOs, CISOs & IT managers of
  • companies storing Customer data
  • companies storing Employee data

GDPR IS COMING. Are You Ready?

In May 2018 new GDPR regulation requires businesses with customers in EU countries to have the right procedures in place to detect report and investigate a personal data breach.

Failure to comply could lead to fines of €20m or 4% of annual global revenue.

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