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Data Breaches are Eating The World

Let's take a look at the facts...

  • They’re incredibly expensive: £2.7 million GBP on average

  • They take too long to detect: 191 days on average

  • They're hard to self-detect: over 70% of organisations find out that they have been breached through third parties

Breaches get more expensive and harmful to businesses and consumers for each day that goes by undetected. The problem is that existing solutions are incredibly expensive to roll out and are full of false positives.

At Warden, we are determined to offer a simple breach detection and containment enterprise solution which seamlessly integrates with existing systems and processes, requires no IT input and gets smarter over time.

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Meet The Founders

Warden is built by a team with experience in building bank-grade secure services, with expertise in security and data science.

Amadeo Pellicce - CEO

UK-based entrepreneur with a background in technology product management. Previously co-founded Coinfloor, the UK's largest Bitcoin Exchange. Studied Finance at Hult IBS and Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.

Brian Downer - CCO

Brian spent his early career in Consulting (Accenture) & Banking Risk/Compliance (Barclays, Credit Suisse, UBS, Deutsche). Brian also has a background in Growth Marketing (Supalocal, Clicloc, The Practice Grower) & holds an MSc in Computer Science from The University of Birmingham.

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